One Shot at Love

mating syrphid fly bumblebee mimics

These magnificent bumblebee mimics (likely Microdon megalogaster) only gave me time to fire off one shot before they flew away.

It seems like all of our holidays are turning into high-fructosed shells of their former selves. Apparently Valentine’s Day has a deep-rooted history, and to quote Chris Tucker: “But who cares?!” And furthermore, history aside, I ask, who cares? I’m sure it’s great for the jewelry stores and pink M&Ms and cliches about love the world over. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t have much use for it, except maybe the drop of truth at the bottom of a cliche. Love is precious, and sometimes it is fleeting. Like bumblebees that are actually flies, together for a moment, and the  subset of that moment in which they stay at rest ever so briefly for a wayward human to see. Love and the life it inspires comes around but not as reliably as a Consumer Holiday. Love love when you can; any day now just might be a holiday.


2 thoughts on “One Shot at Love

  1. I guess you’d never see honeybees doing that unless you were in the air beside them, but until you mentioned they were bumblebee mimics, that’s what I thought they were…bumblebees.
    Every time I see you put a ‘like’ on my web site, I cringe…”Oh no, he’s seen my very soft focus close ups.”
    I’m going to keep a look out for a camera with a lens that I can reverse, but it might be awhile. :-)

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