Innumerable Drops of Snooze Button

possible sawfly covered in morning dew

Covered in dew, this Hymenopteran will get back to you later in the day.

A dewy sawfly for a lazy Saturday morning. (At least, I think it’s a sawfly – unlike wasps they lack the thin pedicel waist connecting the abdomen and thorax.) I think I found this one in a tangle amidst the parsley patch. This shot illustrates why a lower angle is usually a better angle with bugs. A little more squirrelly and a little less dramatic than it could be. Of course, sometimes you can only go so low. My memory is fuzzy on this one, but given the perils of the parsley patch it was probably difficult to get level with this sawfly without disturbing the bug or the plant too much. There’s a decent chance too that the soaked, sleepy-looking bug was more alert and flight-ready than it appears in the photo. Anyway, I thought I’d throw this one into the public sphere; not a lot of sawfly shots, especially adults (the larvae look like extra-leggy, hairless caterpillars) in the archive.


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