Not Enough Thyme

wild thyme buds

Wild thyme makes a dark lovely, fragrant ground cover.

Here on the ‘tubez, the wealth of information and array of artists to learn from is very overwhelming. It is always flattering when someone chooses to follow my photos and read my words. I’d like to reciprocate all the time, but it seems I already spend more time than I should reading about insects and photography. I follow certain photographers on their websites, Flickr photostreams, and/or social media as a priority, because they feature relevant subject matter and artistic mastery to my particular niche; but I also try to work in broader photographic and artistic sources. I wish I could keep up and support everyone, but since I cannot, I always try to at least check out anyone who gives me a follow or a thoughtful comment. I really do enjoy discovering new works and learning from others; vice verse is also very nice too, of course. Perhaps I am going to have to start following some time management blogs. Maybe take up speed reading. (I’m so slow!) Truth is, there’s never enough time, so it’s time to go with what I have. (An herbaceous homonym, as it happens.)

wild thyme flowers

Wild thyme eventually sprouts up with miniature pinkish-purple bouquets.


3 thoughts on “Not Enough Thyme

  1. I like your title…very clever. Yes I know what you mean about time. There’s only so much of it. I don’t know how these people with several hundred followers can possibly keep up with everyone. btw…the bees love thyme. I’ve got some video of bees getting pollen/nectar from it.

    1. Thanks, Pat! I’m not sure how they do it either, though I wouldn’t mind trying to figure it out. :)

      Thyme is really great, I love the smell, and the flowers are beautiful and it makes great ground cover on a yard (i.e. less mowing!). My favorite part is on the far edge of my yard where it grows in the dry, stony soil – every year it helps to attract Little Copper butterflies to this one specific area; the Little Copper is one of my favorite bugs, always nice to get a shot of one on a thyme flower!

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