Forget Me Not, Said Spring

fly feeding on forget-me-not flowers

The return of flies and flowers has a ways to go…but it’s coming!

This post is from the past (i.e. I’m writing it in advance), but I imagine I am getting pretty stir crazy right about…now! So I’m sending these forget-me-nots (and their fly admirer) to the future as a reminder that it’s not that far off before buds and crocus and jumping spiders are popping up. Even before that there will be the time for searching for snow scorpionflies! (I think I may not have mention snow scorpionflies before on this site – that’s unbelievable and by unbelievable I mean, not right!)

Yeah. So I hope I have kept up my stretching routine because the bending and contorting and crawling season is coming! (And if not: take note future me!) (Okay, done yelling at myself.)

forget me not flower

Forget-me-not, a simple small flower.


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