The World Is a Big Perch

a very tiny fly black with red eyes

How little can you get? Tiny flies like this don’t often register on the human radar.

This fly is one of the smallest ones that I have ever shot. Typically, when I crop one of my photos, the height usually remains in full or only very slightly cut down. In this case, I employed a much heavier crop to make our little buddy appear bigger. I sort of stumbled onto this subject while I was combing through the parsley patch, more intent on larger targets. I’m not really sure where to begin in identifying these flies. I’ve tagged this post as family Agromyzidae, the leaf miner flies, but that is purely a guess to use as a marker in case someone stumbles upon this and can help clarify. (Agromyzids are very small and appear somewhat indistinct which is why I am throwing that at the wall.)


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