Sideways Wasp

portrait of parasitoid wasp cleaning itself

A wasp’s work is never done as evidenced by the apparent clean of the antennae going on here.

This was a tricky shot to handle in post for one particular reason. To put it as a question: how do I orient old slippery wasp? These parasitic wasps (possible Ichneumon?) are hard to find at rest and harder to approach. So when I lucked onto this one, it was quite preoccupied with the clean and therefore unusually stationary. The problem was it was hanging more or less sideways. It was a case of try to be very fine and risk disturbing the subject to get a better angle or go with what you got. I went with it.

I kept the sideways orientation as you can see, even though it is a bit odd, a little off in a nebulous way. Still when I looked at it vertically aligned, standing either up or down, it just didn’t speak to me. It’s one of those “search for perfect forever if you want” shots; I don’t, so in the let it go pile it ends up.


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