The Laments of a Stillborn Spring

long-jawed orbweaver spider resting on red-painted cement

Flashback: March 2012 I found this (likely juvenile?) long-jawed orbweaver spider hanging out on the side of the house.

Well, I was lamenting our “spring” here in western Massachusetts and its accompanying lack of bugs, when I decided to go back in time to see what March had brought me before. This long-jawed orbweaver was shot on March 19, 2012: it marks a stark difference from the current March. But so it goes.

I should probably note, there isn’t entirely a lack of bugs. I found a larder beetle in the house yesterday. Took a few uninspired shots — the unnatural landscape and the beetle’s insistence on playing dead did not really captivate my imagination, I’m sorry to say. But I guess it’s a sign to be patient, and be patient we must. In the meanwhile, I’ll have to “settle” for taking pictures of Izzard the Lizard.


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