Lousy Weather

plant louse on white, textured plastic

A plant louse wanders over the vast plastic expanse of a garage door.

In addition to the multitude of jumpers and odd ant, I found this one plant louse crawling seemingly aimlessly over the garage door. It wasn’t exactly thrilled about me, as it kept turning around in the opposite direction as I set up a shot. This one came out okay; the sharpness was a little off, not much detail in the eye to speak, but after some post-processing sharpening it cleaned up nice.

The weather managed to hold up so this critter could get out and about, but we’re still waiting for some nice weather. I thought maybe given all the rain, it might make for some good conditions for springtails (Class Collembola, which are not insects), but my few attempts dithering in the leaf litter didn’t turn up anything. In the meanwhile, more louses, less weather please.


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