May Your Day Be Blessed with Butterflies

lycaenidae butterfly at rest on a leaf

On this day two years ago butterflies, including this Lycaenidae species, were out and about.

It’s a gorgeous day today, and I’m still hoping to catch some of that strong sunshine and shoot a bit before it gets away (and a potentially cloudy, rainy rest of the week moves in). The bugs are definitely starting to come out in force around here, finally. I’ve started seeing butterflies again which is a welcome sign. They’ve been cabbage whites, one of the most common, but I’m sure there are other ones making the rounds as well.

In other news, I finally took some photos of my gear and some examples shots for my “Poor Man’s” Macro series. There might even be some short videos, too, if I don’t get too frustrated trying to edit them (but don’t get too excited, they might be kind of boring!).


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