Beauty and the Weed

white weed flower

A small patch of weed flowers breaks up the monotony of a monotone green lawn. It also can make for a good macro subject.

A nice trim, uniformly-green lawn has a certain aesthetic appeal, I suppose, but more often than not, it seems like a verdant desert to me (if you’ll excuse the oxymoron). In my own yard there is the one rather prominent patch of what I’ll call small white weed flowers for lack of an identification. Event though the yard is peppered with yellow dandelions, purple thyme flowers, and white-petaled, yellow-centered wild strawberry blossoms, there’s only one patch really of these little beauties. They look sort of like those shower scrunchies with yellow-tipped pine needles sticking out of them.

Being a bug photographer, they also make a nice place to find subjects. Apart from being at ground level and making me have to get down on all fours, the patch makes for a nice “location” to shoot. The dreamy background of out-of-focus flowers in particular is appealing. All that said, I was having a hell of a time getting shots, which seems to be a trend lately. Focusing was tough (might be time to go to the eye doctor) even without any bugs in the shot, as in the above photo. And when I did get one I liked, again as above, I noticed afterwards that my DIY flash diffuser had encroached into the shot! That is extremely irritating. To remedy it here, I slightly cropped, then essentially painted over the odd bluish-white color the diffuser showed up as in the upper left corner. I don’t like the looks of it, after the fact, but sometimes things don’t work; then it’s time to try again. I will say, that I’m looking forward to breaking out of my shooting “slump.”


4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Weed

      1. Shooting slump? If my shots were as good as yours during a slump, I’d be very pleased!

      2. Thanks, Pat, but you haven’t seen all the crummy ones! :D

        Between extreme macro of mites and springtails, and not being able to get anything in focus (like the bees that were all over these weed flowers!), it’s been a little frustrating lately. It’s okay though; I can and have gone into the archive (god knows I have a ton of shots to share yet). Plus I changed it up today, a gloomy day here in Mass; while the bugs are on break I’m shooting my puppy and her floppy ears which are fun with or without focus.

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