A Walk in the Park…If the Park Is My Thumb

Rhagio sp. snipe fly on thumbnail

This little snipe fly landed on my leg first and without hesitation moved onto my proffered thumb.

Not that insects are generally easy to invite onto your hand, but flies might be as wary as any of them. Unless they choose to alight upon you, they probably won’t be coaxed. So you can imagine I was a bit surprised when this snipe fly (probably Rhagio mystaceus?) didn’t bat a compound eye when it leisurely walked off my leg and onto my thumb. I did have a bit of trouble between shooting one-handed and trying to get the sun to brighten up the background without blinding myself. This shot was a little underexposed, but some layer-masking and heavy denoising have helped it out, I think. These flies are somewhat plain at first blush, but I’m a fan of the greys and brown and the bristles and regal posture.


2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park…If the Park Is My Thumb

  1. I tried getting a shot of a dragonfly yesterday. My wife had caught it in a net to move it out of the greenhouse. It was being very cooperative, so I shot a bunch. NONE of the shots were even half as good at this. When loading onto the computer my wife says, “well, they’re not so bad.” I says, “You’ve got to see Michael Marlow’s photos, then you’ll see how bad mine are. :-(
    My way of saying, “Very nice shot!”

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