It’s a Long Way Down

Pelegrina jumping spider on wooden post

A young jumping spider (Pelegrina sp.?) looks over the edge of a wooden post.

When you’re on top of the world (i.e. the fence post!), there’s only one place to go, and that is predictably down. Such is the plight of the harried jumping spider who doesn’t want a camera lens shoved in its face. In fairness, I should say that this his guy was pretty cooperative; he stopped on the edge and looked in the camera, making it easy to get a low angle and some face shots. It’s a mighty bit harder to get level or even relatively low with a subject that is on a flat-facing surface; something I have mentioned in regards to moths before but applicable to most things to one degree or another. When the jumping spiders wait around the edges of the posts and rails on the fence, it’s prime position for Salticidae portraits. Big eyes for everyone!


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