Serendipitous Weevil

weevil on fabric of shirt sleeve

When I came inside from a photography safari in the backyard, I noticed this big-eyed beauty had hitched-hiked unbeknownst to me on my shirt sleeve.

Sometimes you find things you weren’t looking for, and sometimes you find things you were looking for, it just so happens you find them after you gave up for the day and are inside the house. Naturally, I snapped a few quick shots and got a couple decent ones of those big, surprising eyes that tiny weevils occasionally have. I then went outside to put it in a better setting where, naturally and promptly, it flew off before I could get another shot off. That’s how it is with bugs, they come and they go, but if you take your shots when you have them, life has a way of continually revealing moments of serendipity.


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