Is It Safe to Come Out?

light brown sawfly peering out from behind white petal of pear flower

A sawfly peeks around the edge of a pear blossom’s petal.

During a late rousal last night I was unfortunate/fortunate enough to discover a nice (and by nice I mean insidious and detestful), little flat, dark tab of a female deer tick firmly-embedded in the skin of my leg. (The fortunate part being that I discovered it early, just to be clear.) Pulled it off, but the wicked sticker remained embedded. Likely not a big deal, but finding ticks always gives me a little pause. Which kind of is where this peeking sawfly fits in: it seems a little hesitant, a little wary, doesn’t it? Monday is over; the tick is gone; and the sun is still out for now, so it’s probably okay for all of us wary bugs. (By the way, sorry to all you tick lovers out there, but I don’t have the heart to photograph the vanquished tick; I know you’re heartbroken.)


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