The Hub of the Backyard Universe

possible scarlet-winged lichen moth caterpillar

This spiky little caterpillar (tentative ID: scarlet-winged lichen moth, Hypoprepia miniata) did not quite blend in with the wood fence

In my case, “the Hub” seems to be the corner fence post underneat the blue spruce tree. In addition to this caterpillar, I’ve seen two different looper caterpillars, mites, a veltvet mite, crab spiders, jumping spiders (including an ant mimic!), other unidentified spiders, a katydid nymph, lightning bug, and others that I can’t think of off the top of my head. It’s particularly ripe for jumping spiders, and I was probably looking for one when I found instead this little, segmented barb of a caterpillar.


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