An Extra Finger

longjawed orbweaver spider in characteristic streamlined resting pose

A longjawed orbweaver spider conforms its sinewy shape to the strands of a plant; this pose is typical of these spiders.

These long-bodied spiders like to stretch lengthwise with their never-ending legs and rest flat and compact until the next meal (or nosy photographer) comes along. This particular spider was patient enough for me to get a series of shots off, all with merits and flaws. I was going for a natural light background, which I achieved, but balancing that out with a good composition in the foreground was the challenge. I probably had better bokeh in one or two other shots, but I just like how the plant came out better here. This shot, as many of mine are, was taken at the edge of open space and trees/forest. The lighter side is pretty much representative of open air, while the darker spot in the upper righthand corner is an overhanging tree.



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