Smile, it’s Friday.

multiple anthill holes in soil resembling a smiley face

A different kind of anthill? Maybe this is how they do Emoji.

Good morning, world! And good night! (Insomnia is getting the better of me and this post.)

What a strange entranceway for an anthill, no? There was actually another “dot” hole, but I angled it out. If you look closely, you can see an ant in the shadows of the “smile.” Have a great weekend everyone, and be kind to your bugs.


2 thoughts on “Smile, it’s Friday.

  1. Hooray for Friday from me too…after a very busy week. When the sun is out and the bees are visiting my flowers, I find it very hard not to take videos. Awww, but the deadlines call me back to work…but wait, just a few more pictures. What happens is I’ve got to make up that time by working in the evening when everyone knows you should be blogging! :) Happy weekend and hope you get many insect shots and lots of sleep.

    1. Hi Pat, didn’t get many bug shots or much sleep, but had a nice family reunion so it was a good weekend. Thanks for checking in, hope you had a good weekend, too!

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