You’ve Got Something on Your Nose

syrphid fly on parsley

These big red eyes aren’t sore: a syrphid fly feeds on parsley flowers.

The romp through the parsley glory days continues as the bug posting week ends. Big red eyes here has quite a shiny nose. I still can’t tell if that’s its natural glossy finish or if it was dipping its whole face into a honey pot.

I was going to just post this as is, but that glare spot was just making me itch, so I went back into GIMP and painted it out! (See below!) It’s a guess, but I like it sans the glare, even if it loses a bit of that “wet” look that is probably more natural. Tools used were Clone and Heal, a pretty quick and dirty operation.

On another note, thank goodness, it’s Flyday, eh?

syrphid fly on parsley glare edited out

All cleaned up: I painted out the distracting glare spot on the syrphid’s snout.


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