You Don’t Look Like Mr. T

plume moth in profile hanging from a leaf

The T-shape of a plume moth is obscured from the side.

Confession: the last thing I want to do right now is write a blog post. But there are too many bugs to share with the world, so here we go: The “T-shaped” plume moth pictured above — wait, what? As in the letter T? Yes, from a dorsal view, the “T” is readily apparent, but in this shot we have more of a lowercare “j” or an Arabic ra’a or a comma. The thing is, on this particular type of plume moth, with its curvy abdomen and slanted wings, the only way to get a good even focus without stacking images is to get a shot from the side. Still quite striking, with the brown and white pattern and chunky scales, but we miss out on the characteristic form.

I also managed to blow out the highlights pretty good on the thorax and upper part of the abdomen. I was going to try to reclaim some detail in GIMP, but there wasn’t really much left, so this is what you get. Have a great weekend everyone, I’m hoping for a little sun and a lot of bugs myself. It’s been too long since I’ve had a good shooting day!


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