No Bee Still: Time for Camp!

bumblebee feeding on a spiky cone flower

This bumblebee may look at rest, and for a bumblebee it was pretty close, as it took its time on top of a spiky cone flower, but it was going about the important task of feeding itself.

It’s time for camp, as in Camp to Belong Massachusetts, a summer camp for brothers and sisters experiencing foster care and separated from each other. As many longtime volunteers at camp will tell you, it’s one of my favorite weeks of the year. A lot of great people, counselors, staff and campers alike, come together to reunite siblings and build some lifelong memories that many of us get to take for granted. It’s a short week, but we go nonstop pretty much when the campers arrive, so I thought the patron insect saint of business – the bumblebee – would be an appropriate send off for myself (if not the weekend, may yours be restful if rest is your medicine). I should still have scheduled posts coming, but I may not respond to any comments for a while. I’ll do my best; see you soon.


5 thoughts on “No Bee Still: Time for Camp!

    1. Thank you, Lorna! It’s going to be sad to see the bees go; we’re getting a little hot spell here, quite amenable to bug life, so I’m hoping to get some more photo sessions in before it’s just fallen leaves and whispers of summers.

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