Ready For Takeoff, Monday

syrphid fly on parsley buds

Strike a pose: a syrphid fly stands poised on a cluster of parsley buds.

Just a syrphid fly for today. I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start.


5 thoughts on “Ready For Takeoff, Monday

      1. Weather has improved but I am still way too busy at work to get a day off. Hoping to get a minute to get out and look for a very rare Bush-cricket called a Wart-biter (Decticus verrucivorus) which has a sole colony here in Wiltshire.

      2. That’s quite a common name. It sounds like a potentially exciting search, too. On the other side here, the sun is calling my name (and camera) today; we’re being blessed with some very nice late summer days. I just have to make some time to clear out some space on my nearly-brimming hard drive so I can get some new shots on it!

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