Camera Shy Hover Fly

syrphid fly in profile

A hover fly (Syrphidae) looks away from the camera.

This hover fly is facing the shadows, a common pose for insects preparing to escape a predator or camera…or predatory camera? I guess it’s better to go butt-first than head-first? It takes some good old-fashioned neck-craning and general limit-stretching of the old body. (A lot more old in photography the longer you stick with it. Natch.)

I like how this one turned out; the “face” shadows seem to add to the photo. Not as sure about the whitish splotch or haze to the “highlight” (i.e. in this case, flash) side. The haze is from some sort of vegetation in the background. The hairy, veiny belly is probably my favorite detail here.

This one is uncropped. Have an uncropped Thursday (unless of course you need to crop it).


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