Blue Movember

super close of green darner dragonfly head

Blue like you: the common green darner, Anax junius, appears to sport a blue mustache on the top of its snout.

I think it’s pretty much an established fact that bugs have better facial hair than people. Yet you don’t see a lot of insect mustache or beard fetishism, do you? Go figure. :o)

By the way, this photo features a common green darner dragonfly, Anax junius. I actually found two of these at rest this year, which is atypical in my bug-hunting grounds. (Though I once had a very placid one on the hedge around the house one year!) I biffed either the focus or the framing on most of the shots I took, but this one seemed to have a good balance. The only thing that makes me really displeased is that glare spot, to which I applied a few different strategies for removal or softening but without much success; the results were too unnatural, so you have pretty much the original. So too much lip gloss on this one, but the ‘stache hides it well (enough).


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