The Other Side of Lying in Wait

ambush bug lying on a goldenrod leaf

An ambush bug lies on its underside after having a wasp meal.

I caught this bug in the midst of some goldenrod finishing off a parasitic wasp for lunch — at least I hope it was finished and I didn’t scare it off its meal. I will say it seemed rather nonplussed after it gave up the wasp, which is when I took this “lazy” shot.

P.s. This shot is uncropped; just a little layer editing to tamp down some of the highlights.


4 thoughts on “The Other Side of Lying in Wait

    1. Thanks, Victor. These are very cool bugs, and perhaps some of the more reliable subjects in the Northeast the past few years. An ambush bug (or two or three) seems to pop up sooner or later.

      On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 3:07 PM, wrote:


    1. Thanks! They are pretty interesting predators in the family Reduviidae, the Assassin bugs. The ambush bugs feature those raptorial, mantis-like arms and they do blend in quite well with flowers to sneak up on their prey.

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