Like a Little, Hidden Wild Heart

monochrome close up of small white-petaled wildflower

A small wildflower stands out in front of a cluster of its sibling blossoms.

These little flowers, perhaps only outdone by the dominantly yellow goldenrod blossoms, are ubiquitous in autumn. I’m not sure what they are, but on a normal, human’s-eye view, they aren’t what you would call eye-catching or even pretty. In fact, even up close at a macrophotography level, I wouldn’t call them pretty. But they seem to explode; they seem truly wild, a little fantastic mess, maybe even like that part of a person you wouldn’t see unless you got really close; maybe something you do or do not want to see. They sometimes put me off in a visceral way; I just want to avert my eyes. I’m not sure why, but it’s something about that wild look. They do help keep things going for the insect photographer, which I am grateful for, though I always expect to see more bugs on them than I actually find. It’s all part of getting over summer, I suppose.


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