Nobody’s Buds (Aphids)

aphids feeding on a stem of goldenrod flowers

Aphids are notorious garden and crop pests, but they also feed on wild flora like this goldenrod plant.

Aphids are rather unpleasant creatures from the human perspective: they tend to destroy plants we’ve special care to grow. I don’t find them very pleasant- or artful-looking etiher; I’m sure there’s a way to tap into their “natural beauty” but I am not equipped to see or record it. In this shot they kind of provide an asymmetrical blight on the stem of goldenrod blossoms.

I thought about cutting out the lower left corner, i.e. aphid-free flowers, but decided on smaller crop because I thought the flowers were the compelling part of the photo. As in yesterday’s photo, this one does not lend itself to a monochrome treatment. Yellow flowers seem to resist it— in fact, from a flash macrophotography point of view, they are kind of difficult in general with a propensity for blown-out highlights and color casting. I also find it hard to bring out a lot of detail or texture, but maybe that’s because some of these petals don’t have much detail (that you could reasonably expect at these magnifications).


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