Black or With Sugar? (Hover Fly)

syrphid fly feeding on a wild flower

A hover fly takes a break to drink out of a messy wildflower.

Here’s another color vs. monochrome. This time, we’ve got a syrphid fly having a drink off one of those late-season wildflowers that are so common in the autumn. I had high hopes for the monochrome (after the jump), but I ended up liking the color more. I think the red of the fly’s eyes really differentiates it and give it a more prominent place in the photo.

The mess of a flower lost some of its details without the color; it could probably use a finer combing over.

syrphid fly feeding on a wild flower in black and white

Same fly but some of the flower needed to be tinkered with to bring out details in this monochrome version.


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