Safe Travels (Hover Fly in Flight)

hover fly in flight

A hover fly…hovering! Notice the compact “stowed landing gear” (i.e. the legs).

In the United States, we are coming upon what many people cite as their favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. People make a concerted effort to reunite with their families, which is a large part of the popular sentiment; a lot of people will be traveling by air and ground (and water, too, I’m sure). So I thought a “traveling” bug was appropriate. This common hover fly was shot a while back now (2 years?), and it remains the most cooperative “in flight” subject I’ve come across. Performing the eponymous action, it was hanging in the air around some black-eyed Susans. The shot’s sharpness hopefully indicates how steady the fly actually was. Only a slight to moderate crop here, so you know that I had a good magnification going. Shooting flying bugs with a reverse lens set up is usually a fool’s errand, but this fly made it quite rewarding!

And so, safe and happy travels to those making your journeys and the same for your returns!


12 thoughts on “Safe Travels (Hover Fly in Flight)

  1. I agree, amazing that you nailed the focus on a moving subject with your reverse lens set up. Not a particularly easy thing to do with a auto focus, macro lens.

    1. I was pretty lucky; syrphid flies hovering around flowers aren’t that rare, but they always seem to take off just before I get close enough to shoot. This one’s comfort zone was right in my camera’s sweet spot though.

  2. What a beautiful shot. Years of working with your setup probably played a hand in that…maybe a little luck too. :)

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