A Portrait of the Spider as a Captive Arachnid

Phidippus audax jumping spider on bright yellow plastic of plant pot

Caught! On camera and at the bottom of a bright yellow plant pot, this Phidippus audax jumping spider did not have much choice but to pose for a portrait.

It’s true, I cornered this beauty of a jumping spider in a potted plant. Waiting for the “winter” jumpers to make an appearance in the bay windows as they seem to do in December and/or January.

(Addendum: It’s probably worth noting, this jumper was returned unharmed to its “natural” habitat, i.e. back into the houseplants sitting in the bay window.)


4 thoughts on “A Portrait of the Spider as a Captive Arachnid

  1. Nice shot. It’s amazing the way the brain, or at least my brain, processes information. I can’t see a creature with four eyes in this picture. I know these are four of the jumping spider’s eight eyes but the concept is so new to me, and is so counter to what I am used to seeing, I can only see two small eyes on the outside and two large nostrils in the center.

    1. I’m not sure if that’s a leap of imagination or not, David, but that is definitely something I do not see! I think it’s best just to be hypnotized a little by the too big ones.

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