At Ease, Soldier

soldier fly face

A soldier fly crouches on a fence rail.

Today, I present you with a portrait of a soldier fly. Not sure, it wasn’t “at ease,” as I was able to take many shots. It seems to proscribe to similar facial hair preferences as yours truly.


12 thoughts on “At Ease, Soldier

      1. Hi, thanks for the compliments (and all the likes!), I don’t use image stacking though it is something I am very much interested in. I plan on buying the Zerene Stacker software at some point, just haven’t gotten around to it. How about yourself?

        On Sat, Dec 13, 2014 at 12:20 AM, wrote:


      2. You are very welcome!
        I only dabble in macro photography, and most of my subjects are somewhat slow moving… Yet, even the slowest of them, still won’t stop for long enough in order for me to take shots for stacking. Maybe one day, I’ll come across a willing model, perhaps then I will try out the method. It sure creates some stunning images!

      3. It surely does. The field stacks with 50, 60, 80, etc. images I find amazing. Of course, maybe that’s because waking up in the wee hours of the morning (when bugs are “sleepy”) is “amazing” to me, hehe.

  1. Kind of the Scottish Terrier of the insect word. It appear his eyes are about twice as large as the rest of his head. Am I looking at this correctly?

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