Inching Closer to the New Year

inchworm caterpillar with white napkin backdrop

An inchworm sneaks makes its way along the edge of a plastic container. (The white back drop is a paper napkin.)

Things are getting nuttier, converging all at once, but thankfully the days are getting longer. (I made it!) My pledge to post everyday was broken, but here we go again.

Another inchworm, this one not quite up to my “personal favorite” standard, but a shot I like. I am pretty sure this one here was a hitchhiker, that made it back inside the house — unfortunately for the inchworm. I couldn’t identify it (suggestions, as per usual, are welcome), and so I replaced it back in the wild rather haphazardly. I’d have preferred to put it on its host plant of choice, but hopefully it is one of those polyphagous types.


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