The Best Way to Stay Warm, All Black Version

black beetles mating

Mating hespine (?) beetles. Subfamily Cassidinae.

Since it’s not really getting any warmer, I thought I’d try piggybacking on yesterday’s post.

There’s your terrible pun for the day. On a photo-related note, I messed around with the white balance on this one, something I haven’t done in quite a while. I cooled the temp a little, and in an even rarer maneuver I slightly adjusted the “tint,” something I almost never do. All in all, I am very pleased with the result, though I do remain reserved about too much white balance fiddling. In the past I have been less judicious with a tendency for cooling my photos to, let’s call it, a “freezing point.” (Speaking of terribly-employed literary devices, um…there’s your irony for the day?) Anyway, cautious but I’m back in the…oh, nevermind.


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