Lines, Leaf and Leafhopper

brown and green leafhopper on heavy-veined leaf

A leafhopper sits in the middle of heavy-veined leaf.

Dorsal views of insects often lack a certain drama or impact that a low-angle view provides, a lack of that larger-than-life aspect of macrophotography that inspires. For identification purposes, it is sometimes necessary to have a dorsal view, though in the case of the leafhopper above I’m not sure it’s helpful at all for getting a specific ID. What we have here is an interesting background — at least those heavy veins of the leaf are interesting to me. Sometimes with a less than ideally cooperative subject, these are the kind of shots I end up happy to have.


4 thoughts on “Lines, Leaf and Leafhopper

  1. I agree that dorsal views are often meh and have made similar observations. In this case though it’s not too bad because of the interesting background as you pointed out. Also I find the camouflage of the color pattern and “leaf veins” to be very interesting and something one could only appreciate from this view.

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