Delicate Balance

fly on the petals of pink rhododendron flower

A delicate balance: a fly stands on the pink petals of a rhododendron flower.

A hairy fly on the edges of pink petals. The sharpening and denoising of a photograph. So many delicate combinations. I bring it up, because I noticed late in the process of editing this photo some unwanted arcing patterns in the background. I shouldn’t have missed it, because it happened in the previous photo I posted. I think it’s a direct result of the denoising filter I’ve been using. Typically in the past I have been very conservative about denoising my images; in a choice between having some noise and a “muddy” image, I just assume keep the noise. Obviously the best medicine is to get a fittingly-lit, well-exposed shot to begin with. And maybe as obviously, that’s not always realistic when dealing with unpredictable living creatures like insects.

This current evolution of imperfection comes to me via the Nikon Capture NX-D software which I actually like fairly well. The Noise Reduction filter has given me some promising results, but more tweaking (i.e. likely less noise reduction) is necessary. As you can see I’m not quite ambitious and/or nonplussed enough to redo these photos, but I’ve got a little post-processing “memory muscle” [sic] built up now. Onward and upward and backward and downward, the photographer’s journey continues.


4 thoughts on “Delicate Balance

  1. Maybe if you are trying to create an image as faithful to the insect as possible a little less noise reduction might be in order but I really like this photo as you’ve rendered it. For me the total photo (subject, foreground, and background) has, for lack of a better word, a pleasant creamy look to it.

    1. Thanks, David. I’m not sure it’s about being faithful as much as being a bit anal. I just don’t like the look of that one facet, or at least, I think it could look better. For the time being, it is going in the let-it-go bucket because even though I wrote this post a while ago I haven’t found any solution.

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