Mummies, Remnants, or the Other

small dark structure attached to leaf possibly pupal case

A sign…but of what? Possibly an entomological structure, like a pupal case, but it is hard to say.

I wish I could tell you what this is…but I don’t know. It looks like it could be a pupal case — the grainy texture at the top curve reminds me of a bagworm’s case — but there’s something very squirrelly about it, such as, if it is a pupa, it does not look like it developed properly. On the flipside, it looks too well-put together and detailed to be bird poo, not to mention too upright. I’m fairly convinced it is an insect sign, as the attachment at the base makes it look separate from the leaf. As usual, all clues, info, answers, etc. are welcome!


5 thoughts on “Mummies, Remnants, or the Other

      1. Yes often where the the insect or larva is found and what it is found on can be helpful in narrowing down the species. Also for identification, taking photos from different angles can help. Although if your interest is more creative or artistic then this may not be so important to you. For me I really want to know what something is. Knowledge of its preferred habitat and what host plants it favours can help you find it again. That said my botany is pretty wack.

      2. Yeah, that’s pretty much what it is, i.e. more of an creative interest. I think if I had more of a botanical interest it would be easier to get into the other side, but so it goes.

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