Long-legged Fly Portrait

portrait of a long-legged fly

The wicked stare of a long-legged fly (family Dolichopodidae) from a curled “halfpipe” of a leaf.

These tiny flies have a lot of character in their sharp, almost all-eyes faces.


2 thoughts on “Long-legged Fly Portrait

  1. Michael,
    I’ve been all over the internet looking at one macro lens after another. I’d like to get better macro videos. Your set up of the Nikon D5000 with the 18-55mm lens, doesn’t cost all that much next to a Canon 100mm 2.8 IS macro lens, but I didn’t get the idea that you would recommend it for video because you need the flash to stop down the lens? Do you think your setup could shoot this using natural light? See 1:26 and 1:47 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM_M_3vYkOw
    I’m on a quest to get better videos without having to break the piggy bank (or have my wife kick me out for spending so much $) :)

  2. Hi Pat,
    You look like you got some very good, very up close detail in that video. The main problem with my set up isn’t so much needing flash with video, it’s needing a tripod with video. There’s just too much camera shake especially when you get into the higher magnifications. Using a tripod brings in a whole other set of concerns, of course. Maneuverability and working distance become more of an issue. The 18-55mm lens is very capable but it’s not something I’d recommend for video in a reverse lens set up.

    You’re also probably better off looking at a newer model camera which will have better video capabilities. I’m trying to remember offhand, but I think the D3000 series have pretty high video capabilities relative to price. They are the lowest price tier. I think the D3200 might be the one to look at; I think there is a newer model but that one came out touting some high end video features. I haven’t looked at prices in a while but I’m guessing the D3200 body is comparable in price to the D5000. The lens is a bit trickier. I’d probably want a dedicated macro lens. You could try to find an older model lens from back in the day. It may not have autofocus capabilities but if you’re up really close this may not matter. Hit me up with any more questions you think of. And good luck on not getting kicked out. :o)

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