Dimples (Treehopper)

treehopper in profile

The dimpled broadside of a treehopper. (Tentative ID: genus Publilia)

I have not encountered a wide variety of treehoppers in my home area, maybe three or four that I can think of off the top of my head. The one above is one of the less conspicuous ones. Usually found in groups, they tend to be tended by ants (which often engage in symbiotic relationships with treehoppers, aphids and others). A lot of treehoppers have evolved with quite elaborate structures (that, for example, mimic thorns) on what a layperson might think of as the “top of their head,” i.e. a crown, i.e. actually, the pronotum. These guys, not so much. They just have a little bump or ridge. Still I think they manage to be attractive in subtle way. The marble pattern is nice. I did a little selective desaturation on this one to even out the brown which had a more reddish cast on the back half, caused I believe by the flash.


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