Those Big Dark Eyes Get Me Every Time, Baby (Jumping spider)

jumping spider portrait

Portrait of a jumping spider.

It’s a jumping spider kind of week. They’re like the comfort food of macrophotography. Or something. Happy Monday, everybody.


5 thoughts on “Those Big Dark Eyes Get Me Every Time, Baby (Jumping spider)

  1. You appear to have a knack for finding jumping spiders. In the ~3 years I’ve been interested in macro photography I’ve only seen two. The first was 3 years ago when I was trimming branches from a tree and the second was this past September when someone pointed one out for me. Do you have some sort of jumping spider call you use?

    1. Ha! I wish! Actually, I have a bunch that live on the brick walls of my home as well as some that live in the windows. I also know a couple reliable places in the parks to find them, man-made structures (buildings, bridges). More jumpers to come…

  2. Another great photo of a jumping spider Michael. They really are rather good. I say this because I’ve attempted to take photos myself of the rather attractive Zebra jumping spider (Salticus scenicus) in my garden and despite all the gear they have been truly woeful.

    1. Thanks, Marc. We have S. scenicus here as well; in fact a lot of them live on the (outside) walls of my house. I have to say they are not usually the most cooperative; not the most “curious” type of jumper in my experience, they tend to run, unlike say P. audax which will rear back then jump on your camera.

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