Backside Beauty (Jumping spiders)

black jumping spider with abdominal stripes and spots and yellow legs

A view from behind: a pretty black-bodied, yellow-legged jumping spider takes a brief rest on a brushed metal flag post.

Finding the understated beauty of spiders can often be a matter of point of view. They often have artful patterns on their backs; naturally jumping spiders shine in this regard. Most of the jumpers I’ve been able to photograph are actually understated in their dorsal appearance, but if you take a look at some of the more tropical spiders, like say the ones Nicky Bay shoots so beautifully, or especially the peacock jumping spiders of Australia, well-documented Jürgen Otto, then you know I’m not just blowing smoke.

Anyway, I’m sure spiders have the same trouble finding the understated beauty of people, given their point of view; it’s a misunderstanding of position, really. A couple more spider backs after the break.

side view of brown and white jumping spider with prey

None of the nasty: the brown and white pattern catches the eye in this sidelong shot of jumping spider; its prey (and fangs) concealed by the point of view.

ant mimic jumping spider climbing on moldy wood

An ant-mimicking jumping spider climbs over the edge of a fungus-ridden fence post.


3 thoughts on “Backside Beauty (Jumping spiders)

  1. I had never heard of the ant-mimicking jumping spider. It’s a pretty fantastic creature as is your photo. Do you have any other angles your saving for a later post?

    1. Not of that particular spider. There are actually quite a few species around the world that mimic ants. I’ve got another post (scheduled for Saturday I think) of a different ant mimic jumper, one that I believe is more mature than the little guy above.

      Also, I post photos on Flickr, and usually they are repeats of my blog, but I don’t think I posted the following on WordPress:

      Successful Deception Failure (Ant Mimic Jumping Spider)

      Note there is a dorsal view in the comments of that linked page.

      They’ve all been pretty tough to shoot; they just don’t stay still for very long. In fact I only noticed the one on Flickr because it was oddly still. Naturally as soon as I went in for a shot it became ant-like all of a sudden.

      EDIT: Look at that, photo embedded right in the comment! I wasn’t aware that worked like that…interesting, not sure how I feel about that…

  2. Can someone PLEASE tell me what type of spider this is?!?!?

    It has the caption:

    A view from behind: a pretty black-bodied, yellow-legged jumping spider takes a brief rest on a brushed metal flag post.

    I found it in a park in central Colorado!!! My husband nearly drank the damn thing!!

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