Mimicry in Motion (Ant-mimicking jumping spider)

ant mimic jumping spider

An ant mimicking jumping spider hangs out over a leaf.

I don’t see them often, probably because they are very effective at doing what they do, so it’s always a small thrill to find an ant-mimicking jumping spider. There are numerous species that mimic ants, some more precisely in appearance than others, but more so than bodily appearance, it’s the mimicry in motion (or “of motion”) that I find really neat: these spiders will hold up their forelegs and maneuver them similarly to how an ant moves its antennae (ants of course being insects with six legs, spiders having the extra pair but no antennae). The ant-mimicking spiders I have encountered also seem to copy the constant, frantic movement ants – which naturally makes them harder to photograph, and all the more satisfying when I do manage a successful result.


5 thoughts on “Mimicry in Motion (Ant-mimicking jumping spider)

  1. I’m always amazed at how some animals can copy other animals and yet because they are successful at it, they pass their genes onto their offspring and their line goes on. I see many flies that look like bees, and what about those moths with eye spots? Amazing.

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