Under the White Stuff (Mirid plant bug)

red mirid plant bug inside of white plant seeds

A mirid plant bug (Miridae) sits inside a flower gone to seed.

My focus is slowly but surely returning to bugs; I have not been photographing anything lately — just going through the backlog of shots already taken — but I guess I’m getting hopeful enough to start thinking about shooting insects. The ten day forecast actually has consecutive days above freezing, and spring is only officially a few weeks or so away. Of course, that’s just a date on a calendar in New England; it’ll be a while before any weather that is respectably spring-like comes around, but there will be another chance to look for snow scorpionflies as the seasons transition. I’m sure I’ll come across a couple other critters, as in the past, if not the snow scorpionflies. In the meanwhile, I’m still waiting for everything to come up from under the white stuff. (And for my new flash to arrive!)

P.s. this strikingly red plant bug is from family Miridae. Much like finding something inspiring in winter, the challenge here was trying to find focus through seeds to the bug. Or better yet, to have both the seeds and the bug in focus. I’m not sure if it is apparent on your screen, but the sharpest focus is actually not on the bug but rather just in front, on the plant matter. I suppose this makes it more appropriate as winter winds down and spring becomes something more than a dream.


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