A Beautiful Texture (Prominent moth)

Clostera prominent moth at rest on stone wall

A Clostera sp. takes a daytime rest on the side of a building in a state park.

With certain insects, I run into them every once in a while. To my eye, Clostera species are particularly beautiful moths; it’s something about the fuzzy tail and lush surface. This one is probably the Sigmoid Prominent (Clostera albosigma), but there are several species in the genus, so I use that ID cautiously.

(P.s. Yes, that is a bonus moth out of focus in the background, perhaps a sphinx moth which I also photographed (less successfully than the prominent) and have yet to identify. This particular building in my favorite park attracts a lot of bugs at rest during the day, and especially moths.)


4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Texture (Prominent moth)

  1. Avery strange looking month even with its wings open. I’m guessing the unusual shape when closed is for camouflage. I would never had guessed it was a moth, assuming I even noticed it.

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