It’s Getting Warmer (Mating wasps)

mating wasps possibly Tiphiidae

Mating wasps (Possibly Tiphiidae?)

It’s true! We’ve actually had consecutive days where it didn’t drop below freezing; all celebrate! (But not too much; freezing temps are not out of the forecast yet.) In the meanwhile, while the world outside warms up, I will be warming up (hopefully) to my new flash which is finally in hand.

A note on the wasps: had a hard time finding an ID. Tentatively calling them Tiphiidae, but as per usual suggestions/corrections always are welcomed.


One thought on “It’s Getting Warmer (Mating wasps)

  1. Great clarity and detail. I think you’ve pointed it out before with other photos but viewers really should click on the image a couple of times to see all the detail.

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