Eyes Bigger Than My Lens (Dragonfly)

close up of lenses of meadowhawk dragonfly's compound eyes

The many lenses of a dragonfly’s compound eyes. (Meadowhawk?)

In your face! Or maybe more appropriately, in the dragonfly’s face. I was, as it was resting docilely on a wall and letting me get very close and for many shots. I was going for an abstract super close-up, if we can call it that, and I wanted to really like the result, but…something about it is off; I find it a little oppressive. I’d say it’s mesmerizing but in a bad, anxiety-inducing way, with no key features to focus on. Maybe (I hope) some people had a different reaction?

The difficulties of handheld macro show up here, too, the camera not held evenly or parallel to the eyes, with the left side having more clarity. Perhaps a case where focus stacking would have been effective.


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