A Bit of Lace (Lace bug)

lace bug Tingidae on a leaf

A lace bug (Tingidae) on the curve of a leaf.

I had only seen lace bugs in photos until I chanced upon this curious little creature. Unfortunately, I also happened to have unwittingly walked into a bog-like area and the mosquitoes were ruthless and relentless. I can’t remember, if in my haste, I scared the bug off, but either way I only managed a few shots before I had to get moving. (It’s a bug life.)

One of the true bugs, this lace bug has peculiar dorsal shield from which it presumably gets its name. The translucent spaces created some harsh glare spots that I had to do some extra “creative” work to tamp down. Hopefully you can’t notice them (though I’m guessing that you can).


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