The Natural (Muscid fly)

muscid fly on a leaf

A fly at rest in the (sort of) early hours of a cool morning.

So yesterday’s butterfly was an example of some harsh natural light, but today’s bug was under softer sunlight. I found this muscid fly (tentative ID) in an early morning (for me) shoot. Unlike the vast majority of my shots, I used no flash on this one. Without the flash I needed a much slower shutter speed which meant my shaky hands weren’t going to cut it, and so I used a tripod. In the end the tripod, which is a cheap model, wasn’t easy to maneuver and couldn’t do anything against the light breeze causing motion blur in the shots. I managed this one, but it was very underexposed and needed extra attention in post-processing to make it presentable. The nice thing about getting out early in the morning is you avoid all those harsh reflections and shadows, but taking advantage of the sweet light can be difficult.


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