Piecemeal (Mayfly, Ephemeroptera)

close up of a mayfly eye

Close up of a mayfly’s eye. (Ephemeroptera)

“Ephemera” is a really good word in my book. It also happens to aptly be the root of the name —Ephemeroptera — for the order of mayflies. They can be tough subjects to get into a reverse lens macro set up with the long legs, long wings, and bulbous eyes. For this one, I went a little abstract, focusing on parts and details.

detail of mayfly wing

Detail of a mayfly (Ephemeroptera) wing.


2 thoughts on “Piecemeal (Mayfly, Ephemeroptera)

  1. Good choices. You get two interesting subjects (and probably more if desired to do so) out of one subject. I’ll try to remember this trick (focus on the parts) next time I have a subject, macro or otherwise, where it appears I just can’t get a good complete picture of it.

    1. Thanks, David. Definitely is a good tact with flowers. Not as much experience with non-macro subjects, but I have used it with architecture, especially when I haven’t had a sufficiently wide lens.

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