False Spring (Maple, Acer sp.)

Maple tree buds (Acer saccharum — I believe)

Maple tree buds (Acer sp. — I believe)

Well, this photo was from last spring, so it’s way behind it’s time. But with the better part of last week in the 50s (F), it seems an appropriate shot to share. It’s hard not to dream of spring, though I was hardening up for winter (and freezing dog walks). Going to have to recalibrate again. In the meanwhile, I can enjoy these colors and light-jacket wearing. (Black and white version below.)

Maple tree buds (Acer saccharum — I believe) in black and white

Maple tree buds (Acer sp. — I believe) (Black and white version)

Note: originally incorrectly id’d as sugar maple. Hat tip to therealcinder in the comments.


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