Curvy Body (Plume Moth, Pterophoridae)

profile of brown and white curvy body and spiky legs of plume moth on whitish flower

A plume moth (family Pterophoridae) sits at rest, feeding on a wild flower.

Plume moths are sometimes called “T-moths” because of their eponymously-shaped bodies; but they only look like the letter after “S” if you view them dorsally. From the side, they have an almost second-self appearance, especially through the cameras lens where the long, slender wings disappear into blur. This particular species also has the bonus of beautifully-curved abdomen.

Photo editing note: This is the first photograph I have edited in a while, and it’s true: if you don’t use it…your photo editing software will take no mercy on you. The spot I did the most fiddling with actually was cropped out in this version, but it’ll be taken care of if I ever use this image in wider dimensions.


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