Good Enough? (Longhorn Beetle, Cerambycidae)

flower longhorn beetle on a broad leaf with serrated edges

Flower longhorn beetle (Family Cerambycidae, possibly Strangalepta abbreviata)

I really liked this shot, but the focus is not great, particularly on the elytra (i.e. the black and orange wing covers). I said, what the heck, and edited it anyway. I did some quick, selective sharpening, which helped but on a higher resolution it’s more noticeable. On to the next one, good enough or not.


2 thoughts on “Good Enough? (Longhorn Beetle, Cerambycidae)

  1. I think this is a really nice photo. The exposure and composition are excellent. I enlarged it until it was 9″ from head to tail on my screen and it still looked nice. Maybe not perfect but I think it’s certainly a notch or two above good enough.

    1. Thanks, David. My disappointment came out stronger than I thought. Turns out after looking through my folders I have quite a few other shots of this kind of beetle so I might have one to make up for it. Still it’s instructive for me; that is, perfection is not attainable, go with what you have and try to do better next time.

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